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Matilda Jr.

Matilda is the story of a young girl with big dreams to change the world.

With the help of her Revolting friends, she just might do that! Bring her story to your stage as you witness her change the minds of everyone around her.

Opening the show, you will see that the Wormwood house may not be Matilda’s favorite place, but she sure turned her bedroom into her imagination sanctuary, which is perfectly depicted in her doodles and dreams. The friendly exterior gates of Crunchem Hall only open to the dark and drab play yard which leads into the old and run-down Classrooms and Gymnasium. All places that no child would feel inspired or hopeful. That is until you lay your eyes upon the place that opened Matilda’s eyes to a limitless world. The Library! The books are filled with stories of Acrobats, Escapologists, and everything in between. A place to open everyone’s imaginations into the wonders of Matilda!


  • The Wormwood House – 4 Panels
  • Classroom – 4 Panels
  • Library – 2 Panels (in front of classroom)
  • Gymnasium – 4 Panels
  • School Gates – 4 Panels
  • School Yard – 4 Panels
  • Park –  2 Panels


  • All panels are 4′ x 9′
  • On casters all panels stand 4″ taller


  • Customer Pick Up Allowed
  • Messenger Service within 175 miles
  • Nationwide Freight Shipping
  • Contact YBYB for Pricing


+shipping and security deposit

$500.00 deposit refunded once sets are returned in excellent condition
Rental Period : 10 Days
Contact YBYW if additional time is required
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Security Deposit

All set rentals require a deposit which is refunded, once the costumes have been returned and checked in. If any damages occur during the rental period the financial deposit of the repair will be deducted from the security deposit.

Show Licensing

For show licensing please contact a Music Theatre International representative.

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