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About Your Broadway Your Way

What is "Your Broadway Your Way"?

Your Broadway Your Way’s goal is to provide Broadway quality sets and costumes to off-Broadway, amateur, local and school theatres across the United States and abroad. Our sister companies Character Translations Inc. and Provost Displays have been a part of creating some of the most well-known sets and costumes of the past 30 years. Your Broadway Your Way is a collection of these experiences which are then translated to make Broadway caliber pieces accessible to all.

Do I need a license to put on a play using your sets and/or costumes?

Yes, all performances require a license. For show licensing please contact your show license representative.

Do you only rent to theatres?

No, Your Broadway Your Way rents to any organization or individual that is putting together a production. While we typically work with Theatres and Schools we are not limited.

Renting a Set

What is included in the Set Rental?

Your Broadway Your Way set rentals will transform your stage for your show. The Set Rentals are designed in accordance with Music Theatre International’s Broadway Junior line. Each set rental will provide scenery for each scene of the show. Usually ranging from 4 – 6 sets. Each piece is double sided, lightweight and on casters to be easily used by all age ranges.

Can Your Broadway Your Way Set Rentals be used for full shows?

Yes, while Your Broadway Your Way set rentals are designed in accordance with Broadway Jr shows they can also be used for full shows. It is all in how the sets are used. While they can be used on small stages they can also fill out larger stages through movement and filler pieces.

Are the set rentals light weight?

Yes, each double sided panel weighs between 30 – 40 lbs.

Does every Set Rental contain the same amount of panels?

No, each set is unique. Please visit the show pages for a full breakdown of what is included in your rental.

Can I rent sets longer than the allotted two weeks?

Yes, all sets can be rented for additional weeks; however you cannot extend day by day. Please contact Your Broadway Your Way for rental extensions.

Your Set Designs

What are Your Set Designs?

Your Broadway Your Way curated a collection of vacuum form scenic panels that could be used to create sets for a number of shows. Our sister company Provost Displays has a catalog of over 300 scenic panels which can be daunting to any customer. Your Broadway Your Way took these panels and condensed them according to what could be used in a specific show.

Do I have to use only these panels when designing my show?

No, Your Broadway Your Way is simply suggesting what can be used for your set. If you wish to view the full catalog of scenic panels please visit

Do these panels come already painted?

No, panels are typically sold unpainted. If you would like a price on painting and faux finishing please contact Your Broadway Your Way.

Renting Costumes

What is included in the Costume Rental?

Your Broadway Your Way costume collections are designed in accordance with Music Theatre International’s Broadway Junior line. Costumes are available for all characters listed in your director’s guide.

What is the age range of the performers?

Costumes are designed for performers between the ages of 10 and 14. To determine measurements please refer to the Sizing Chart.

Are the costumes made in a “one size fits all” style?

No, Your Broadway Your Way has two sizes available in a majority of costumes.

Can I make alterations to the costumes if they do not fit my performers perfectly?

Yes, you can make temporary alterations that have been approved by your representative; however they must be removed before returning to Your Broadway Your Way. If alterations are made without notifying Your Broadway Your Way a fee will be deducted from your security deposit.


I see Your Broadway Your Way is located in Pennsylvania, do you only ship locally?

No, all Your Broadway Your Way products can be shipped across the United States and abroad via UPS or FedEx.

Can I pick up from Your Broadway Your Way to save on shipping costs?

Yes, you may pick up using your own vehicle. All rental products must be transported in a closed truck or van. Open bed vehicles are not allowed.

Do you use a messenger service for local deliveries or only ship though UPS or FedEx?

Messenger Service is available within 175 miles of the Philadelphia area.

Will I need a forklift to unload the sets from the shipping vehicle?

No, Your Broadway Your Way’s shipping containers can be easily lifted off of a truck with the help of 3-4 people. While a forklift may be easier it is definitely not necessary.

What is the average shipping cost?

Your Broadway Your Way received special shipping rates due to volume of shipments. Please contact your representative for a shipping estimate.

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