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Lion King Jr.

Bring the African Savannah to your stage and follow the adventures of Simba and his friends as they come of age through a story of family, pride and loyalty.

Lion King Jr sets are designed to transport any stage or venue into Simba’s Kingdom. Watch as Simba is presented to the world at Pride Rock, built to elevate the new prince above his pride. See his friends and family as they gather at the Pridelands as the place for your excitement and adventure to begin. Scar’s Cave, the Elephant graveyard and the Gorge will set the mood for the intense yet pivotal moments in the lives of your favorite characters. Bright colors and fun props will fill the Jungle which help to showcase the real meaning of Hakuna Matata.


  • Pride Lands – 4 Panels
  • Pride Rock – 2 Panels with Ramp and Platform
  • Scar’s Cave – 2 Panels
  • Elephant Grave Yard – 2 Panels with Props
  • Gorge – 4 Panels
  • Jungle – 4 Panels with Props


  • Full Panels: 4′ x 9′
  • Pride Rock Base: 9′ x 3′
  • Platform: 4′ x 4′
  • Ramp: 6′ x 30″
  • Leaf Props: 30″ x 23″
  • Flower Props: 24″
  • Bone Props: 38″


  • Customer Pick Up Allowed
  • Messenger Service within 175 miles
  • Nationwide Freight Shipping
  • Contact YBYB for Pricing


+shipping and security deposit

$500.00 deposit refunded once sets are returned in excellent condition
Rental Period : 10 Days
Contact YBYW if additional time is required
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Security Deposit

All set rentals require a deposit which is refunded, once the costumes have been returned and checked in. If any damages occur during the rental period the financial deposit of the repair will be deducted from the security deposit.

Show Licensing

For show licensing please contact a Music Theatre International representative.

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