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Entire Show Package

All costumes needed to outfit all characters for every scene as outlined in the Broadway Jr script. Includes a total of 36 Costumes: All 22 characters plus 8 Orphan costumes, 3 Male Servant costumes and 3 Maid costumes.

  • $500.00 security deposit required
  • Rental Period: 10 days
  • $1000.00 + S&D

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Lead Character Package

All costumes needed to outfit the 7 main characters of Annie Jr as outlines in the Broadway Jr Script. Includes a total of 13 Costumes: Annie, Oliver Warbucks, Miss Hannigan, Rooster Hannigan, Lily St. Regis, Sandy, and Grace Farrell.

  • $250.00 security deposit required
  • Rental Period: 10 days
  • $550.00 + S&D

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Ala Carte Options

Pick and choose the costumes you need by renting any Annie Jr. costume individually.

Costume PlotPrice

Costume Plot

  • Orphan Dress, Apron & 1 Mussed Wig
  • Red Dress & 1 Non-mussed Wig
  • Winter Coat
  • Dress & Apron
Miss Hannigan
  • Dress, 3 Beaded Necklaces & Boa
Bundles McCloskey
  • Overcoat, Hat, Bowtie, & Laundry Bag
Apple Seller
  • Wintercoat, Hat, Fingerless Gloves & Apple Bag
  • Coveralls & Hat
  • Fur Body Suit & Fur Hood with Ears
Lt Ward/Policeman
  • Police Uniform, Police Hat & Nightstick
Grace Farrell
  • Dress, Jacket & Hat
  • Winter Coat
  • Tuxedo Jacket, Vest & Bowtie
Male Servants
  • Tuxedo Jacket, Vest & Bowtie
Bert Healy
  • Suit Jacket, Vest, Bowtie & Boater Hat
Sound Effects Man
  • Vest & Bowtie
Rooster Hannigan
  • Suit Jacket, Vest, Pants, Tie & Fedora Hat
  • Winter Coat & Disguise
Lily St. Regis
  • Dress w/Overbodice, 1 Blond Wig, Handbag, Hat
  • Winter Coat & Disguise
President FDR
  • Suit Jacket, Vest, Tie & Blanket
Louis Howe
  • Suit Jacket, Vest & Tie
  • Dress & Apron
  • Dress & Apron
  • Dress & Apron
Mrs. Greer – Housekeeper
  • Dress
Mrs. Pugh – Cook
  • Dress, Apron & Cook’s Hat
Oliver Warbucks
  • Suit Jacket & Vest
  • Winter Coat & Fedora Hat
  • Winter Coat & Dress
  • Radio City Styled Jacket & Pill Box Hat


Costumes are made for children sizes 8/10 & 12/14. Please download and fill out our size order form. If unsure of size call and we will help you determine the best size for your performer. Please allow for maximum of 5 weeks lead time for costume alterations if needed. Customer is responsible for measurements accuracy.

Download Sizing Sheet

Shipping Information

The costumes and accessories ship 1 week prior to show dates and requires 1-6 days lead time for shipping depending on destination, show duration and availability.

The 10 day rental period ends on last show date. Arrival and pick up days are not included in the 10 day rental.

If renting within the tristate area messenger shipping services and pick up are also available, to reduce shipping costs. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Security Deposit

All set rentals require a deposit which is refunded, once the costumes have been returned and checked in. If any damages occur during the rental period the financial amount of the repair will be deducted from the deposit.

Additional Rental Weeks

Costumes are rented on a 2 week basis. Additional time may be requested, if available, at $350.00 per additional week.

Show Licensing

For show licensing please contact a Music Theatre International representative.

Request A License